Saturday, October 17, 2015

Once Upon a Time... Man (Il était une fois... l'homme)

01x01 - And Earth was created.

01x02 - Neanderthal Man 

01x03 - Cro-Magnon Man 

01x04 - The Fertile Valleys 

01x05 - The First Empires   
01x06 - The Age of Pericles   
01x07 - The Pax Romana   
01x08 - The Conquest of Islam       
01x09 - The Carolingians   
01x10 - The Age of Vikings   
01x11 - The Cathedral Builders   
01x12 - The Travels of Marco Polo   
01x13 - The Hundred Years' War       
01x14 - The Quattrocento       
01x15 - The Golden Age of Spain       
01x16 - Elizabethan England       
01x17 - The Golden Age of the Low Countries   
01x18 - The Great Reign of Louis XIV   
01x19 - Peter the Great and his Times   
01x20 - The Age of Reason (18th)   
01x21 - America    1981-10-22   
01x22 - 1789–1814 (The French Revolution)   
01x23 - The Awakening of the People (Revolutions of 1848)   
01x24 - The Belle Epoque   
01x25 - The Crazy Years       
01x26 - Once Upon a Time... the Earth (and tomorrow?)

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